Gleaming Spires

“I think broadly that if the doors are open and there is a sense of ownership around it then I think there is a real opportunity for Salford to lift its eyes as it were and feel better about itself, obviously there has been a lot of work around that already. But if the gleaming spires are there with no obvious relevance to the people of Salford – they are rather too well used to these major projects being disconnected from them.”

CEO Community Development Organisation, Greater Manchester 2009

“The new buildings make a virtue of being more open to interaction with audiences. It’s all about demystifying the whole process of programme making. There are production areas on the ground floor where people will be able to see what’s going on. Television won’t just be something that’s made in mysterious darkened studios, hidden from public view. People will be able to take a look and feel a sense of ownership – that they belong to the BBC and the BBC belongs to them.”

Caroline Thomson, BBC Chief Operating Officer  2008

Images by Salford Journeys